Facing the Vistula – Map of spots on the Vistula River in Warsaw


Where does the local monster live and where will they take your rubbish so the river doesn’t have to? Where can you buy smoked fish, hitch a boat ride or have a barbecue? And, for the love of God – Hocki Klocki, Kurort, Sezon – which club is which?! Hey, big confession coming, up until not so long ago we didn’t know all these things either. We used to sit waiting for our friends who at the same time were having a pint somewhere else. But enough is enough. So we’ve prepared this illustrated guide for your convenience (and ours). It’s a handy little map, full of colours, beautifully designed by Kasia Księżopolska, and you can download a PDF from our webside. The Vistula is yours now!

mapa-ang 2

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